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gbi instruments and gbi precision / heavy duty gauges

GB Instruments, Inc. introduces GBI Precision-Pro; a new line of stepper-motor and air-cored gauges. These gauges incorporate new technologies which enhance gauge performance and flexibility, and enable ease of use in a range of applications and vehicles. This is all available with the quality and performance you have come to know from GB Instruments. Stepper and Air-Core Gauges by GB Instruments, Inc.

The innovative design of the Precision-Pro line includes components made from extremely lightweight and recyclable materials. One of the highlights of the line is its ease of installation. No longer is it necessary to install a mounting bracket to mount the gauge to the panel -- with a screw clamp system, installation is as easy as screwing in a light bulb.

Featuring superior illumination through the dial and the pointers, the Precision-Pro line is one of the brightest, easiest-to-read lines of gauges available.

270 degree dials with stepper-motor movements under microprocessor control deliver high accuracy and ruggedness. There is the option to select the air-cored movement gauge when cost is a factor. All of the gauges in the Precision-Pro line feature matching styling and design. The instruments are fully sealed from the front Sharp and clear illumination of dial, pointer and face with no aperture for the reset button. The reset button is a unique behind-the-glass, touch-sensitive device which allows for superior moisture protection.

Two versions of speedometer and tachometer are available: one version with a five stud electrical connection, and one with an eight-pin multi-way electrical connector. Both versions have the same performance and features. The tachometer also features the option of special lighting for sports or racing applications. The stud layout is compatible with the leading manufacturers without the need for rewiring.